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Disclaimer :   The date(s) & time(s) represented on the tracking results above correspond to local time zone of the related port location. Tracking information is dynamic in nature and generated basis current sailing schedule details available. These details are subject to change with or without prior intimation from our end.  
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2016 Global Security Intl DMCEST
Commitment and experience

Global securities intl DMCEST is registered in Dubai Maritime City of United Arab Emirates. The company is commercially headquartered in Dubai and Hong Kong, two of the busiest container ports in the world.

Our strength is our strategic positioning in the dynamic markets of the Middle East, China, South East Asia, India and Africa,Europe and America . Our network and understanding of these key trading and commercial centers means that we can provide world class services to our customers.

Our Vision

To become a recognized industry leader in our chosen markets, through strong professionalism, superior quality, a passionate and responsive approach to customers needs.

Our Team

Global securities intl has an extensive team of multinational and experienced shipping professionals in place, who are committed to individual customer solutions and ensuring quality in whatever we do.

Long term View

In a growing world of standardization, Global securities intl prides itself as a responsive organization with individually adapted solutions.

Our strategy takes a long term view in a patently cyclical business, by making a clear and powerful commitment to the growth of transportation business into and out of the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, China, South East Asia,Africa,Europe and America.

Personalized attention, responsive organization and prompt decision-making further ensures customer intimacy and understanding.